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Also, with a status as an employee, young people often opt for this type of training, which offers them the opportunity to be aware of the reality of a job, to be accompanied and guided by a tutor (relay between the young person, Company and training organization) throughout their training, to obtain a diploma or a qualification recognized by the research paper writing service State, and this, being paid (according to a percentage of the Smic based on their contract and their age) . A process that has already proved successful for many years, since it clearly facilitates the integration of young people into the world of work. From 6 months to 4 years for apprenticeship contracts and 6 to 12 months for contracts for buy research paper professionalization in fixed-term or fixed-term contracts, the objective is the same for young people. Gain experience and enrich their skills. The alternation is a decision made today, for his job tomorrow. As a reminder.

Alternating job offers and also internships will be available at the show. See you on October 14 and 15 for more essay writer online information.Alternative training Find your training. Alternative Learning An effective learning method, alternation is associated with a specific work contract. The latter may be either an apprenticeship contract or a professionalization contract. The alternation offers the opportunity for students to enter a professional environment while at the do my essay same time benefiting from an adapted teaching. The ESAS offer of work-study training concentrates on assistantships in recruiting sectors, targeting in particular the liberal professions (lawyer, doctor, etc.).

The competencies acquired are attested by titles of secretaries and validated assistants registered in the National Directory of science homework Professional Certifications (RNCP) and recognized by the profession at the national level. The alternation in a few data: Contract of professionalisation of 12 months Rythm of alternation: 1 or 2 days per week in training Status of employee 35 to 39 hours / week Free of the training A new session each month Compensation of 55% to 100 % Of SMIC essay writting (according to age and level of education) One-month trial period ESAS is 15 promotions of 20 secretaries and specialist assistants each year (more than 5,000 positions offered since its inception ) Alternation is a model of paid training, as a percentage of the SMIC (from 55% to 100%) or the minimum of the collective agreement (if this is more science homework advantageous). This remuneration takes into account the age and level of previous training. Alternates benefit from social protection and are subject to the rules of the Labor Code and the collective agreement on which their company depends. Consult the wage schedule The funding of the training is fully covered by the OPCA and no cost (tuition and mba dissertation enrollment fees) is borne by the student alternately. Connecting with employers Who? After an information session and placement tests at ESAS, our recruiters analyze your profile to offer you positions that match your abilities and the demands of our employers.

When? Very quickly after the interview, the profiles of the students are proposed to research papers for sale several employers. Within two weeks, you can start your training and sign your professionalization contract. Or? The ESAS takes into account your criteria of geolocation and those of the employers in order to facilitate as much as possible your movements and your availabilities. To facilitate the journey in company, alternates are guided in their learning by a tutor proposed by the employer.