To Purchase a Print  

Any image in these galleries can be obtained in its original colour, in black and white and in custom colour tints.  Please reference the id number, the size of print requested and any other requirements.  

 Fine Art Print

Prints are available in any size in inches: 5x7, 8x10, 8x12, 11x14, 12x18?

5x7              $75

8x10          $125

8x12          $125

11x14        $150

12x18        $175

GST and PST will be added.

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Here are instructions on how to obtain rights to George Siamandas Images from these galleries.   The images in these galleries are available for educational and promotional use.  Some are available for commercial use.  A fee will be charged for all uses.  The images average 3000x2000 pixels or more and are all available as high resolution digital files. 

Click here to send an email: 

Or call George Siamandas at 1-204-487-1548 for availability and pricing. 

Should you be featured in one of these pictures and wish a copy of your picture please call or email for a free copy.  If you wish your image not to be used please advise.  

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