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‚óŹ Image, comparison: illuminates an idea that is difficult to understand by visualizing it. View of the analytical plane The analytical plane. Also referred to as the "problem-causes-solutions plan", is to make the problem feel clear on the basis of specific facts, figures, and significant anecdotes. Journalists often use this process which has the merit of "hooking" the reader, causing him anxiety, and thus giving him the urge to push his reading further. The problems having been evoked with vigor, it is then sought to find accounting assignment help an explanation. Then quite naturally come some proposals to remedy the evils evoked, after the evil, the remedy. The following plan is thus obtained: I- Problems II- Causes III- Solutions This plan is very often used for general dissertations on major contemporary issues. On the other hand, it is very rarely a literary essay. Commented example Subject: Is pollution, according to you, one of the fatalities of the modern world? The dialectical plan could have been used in this case, articulated around the word fatality: Apparently mba dissertation inevitable and irreversible character of the phenomenon (fatality). Challenging the previous point of view (including the analysis of the causes and the solutions arising from this analysis). This second part could even be subdivided into two parts, one dealing with the proximate causes and their solutions, the other with distant causes. In this case, however, the dialectical plan is more difficult to develop, and experience proves that pupils are much more successful in organizing their subject matter with the analytical plan. Physics homework help why do a Skills Check? It is an approach whose objective is to allow the employee to take stock of his skills, aptitudes and motivations in order to define a professional project, a training program or an implementation of validation of prior learning, experience. The skills assessment is a measure implemented within the framework of labor law, it is carried out by a service provider, an organization outside the company and approved.

It must be carried out according to specific steps, on the basis of a personalized follow-up by type my essay a balance advisor. At the end of the assessment of competencies, a summary document is drafted, with a view to defining or confirming a professional project, if necessary, a training project. A balance sheet respecting the rules of confidentiality Actions relating to a balance sheet of competences are carried out individually. Certain actions carried out in the investigation phase may be carried out collectively, provided that the privacy of the beneficiaries is not impaired. The beneficiary of the balance sheet is the sole essay writing service uk recipient of the detailed conclusions of the assessment of competences which can be communicated to a third party only with his agreement. The skills assessment makes it possible to take stock of the course, the achievements and define a professional or training project with the help of a specialist in the balance sheet. The skills assessment is a voluntary and individual approach which is aimed at all employees (workers, managers, employees, technicians, managers). It can be implemented within the framework of the training physics homework help plan, on the initiative of the company, or as part of a leave of competence report, at the initiative of the employee. Hours acquired under the Individual Training Right (DIF) can also be used. "The purpose of the Competence Assessment is to enable workers to analyze their professional and personal competences and their aptitudes and motivations in order to define a professional project and, where appropriate, a training project" (Article L.900 -2 of the Labor Code) On the initiative of the employee or the employer The skills mba dissertation assessment may be initiated by the employee in the framework of the leave of absence of competences or on the initiative of the employer in the Training plan or a social plan. Job seekers can also benefit from a balance sheet action known as the Comprehensive Skills Assessment (BCA). This can only be done with the agreement of the consultant ANPE referent. Why do companies use the skills assessment? Although the majority of skills reviews are undertaken at the employee's initiative, companies are increasingly using this career management tool.