The pace of Calgary's growth is unparalleled in Canada and it is one of the fastest growing office markets in North America.  More than 50 construction cranes line the downtown Calgary landscape.  The already spectacular Calgary skyline will become even more expansive as more companies decide to headquarter in Calgary.  The buzz on the streets is palpable.  The energy and optimism clearly tells of a city on the move and with seemingly endless potential.  Public spaces are of a very high standard - Calgary City Hall, the Olympic Plaza, colourful Stephen Avenue, the C-Train all demonstrate a commitment to a high standard of urban design and maintenance.  The following commercial stock photo galleries by George Siamandas try to give a visual portrait of the exuberance of the architecture, people, and lifestyle of Calgary's dynamic downtown.  

Calgary Architecture Calgary Buildings Calgary Airport Calgary City Hall Construction Cranes Calgary Icons
Office Building Interiors Olympic Park Olympic Plaza Calgary People Calgary Skylines Stephen Avenue
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