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It is desirable to contact the Continuing Education Department to ensure that the requirements for a VAP are met. Gadgets Search Categories Recent Articles Editors Subscribe to Blog via Email Recent Articles: The Triakt blog to undertake What is continuing vocational training. Definition Notes. They will allow to answer the right to training every 6 years. Research paper help i. The FPC = A purpose A. The FPTLV: Article L.

6311-1 of the Labor Code provides that. "Lifelong vocational training is a national obligation. It aims at enabling every person, irrespective of his or her status, to acquire and update knowledge and skills that promote his or her professional development and to attain at least one level of qualification during science homework his / her professional life. ". A coordinated national strategy is defined and implemented by the State, the regions and the social partners. It includes initial training, including apprenticeship and subsequent training, which constitute continuing vocational training, for adults and young people already engaged in working life or who engage in it. In finance assignment help addition, any person engaged in the working life is entitled to validate the gains of his experience, especially professional or related to the exercise of trade union responsibilities.

B. PFC Article L.6311-1."The purpose of continuing vocational training is to promote co- Integration or re-entry of workers, to enable them to remain in employment, to promote essay paper the development of their skills and access to different levels of vocational qualifications, to contribute to economic and cultural development, and to secure career paths And their social advancement. It is also intended to allow the return to employment of persons who have interrupted their professional activity to take care of their children or their essay service spouses or ancestors in a situation of dependency. II. The CVT = in the list of types The training actions which fall within the scope of the provisions relating to continuing vocational training are: 1 ° pre-training and preparatory work measures, 2 ° actions in the field of vocational training, Adaptation and skills development of employees, 3 ° essay writting Professional promotion actions, 4 ° Preventive actions, 5 ° Conversion actions, 6 ° Actions to acquire, maintain or improve knowledge, 7 ° The continuing training measures relating to the radiation protection of persons provided for in Article L. 1333-11 of the Public Health Code, (8) Training actions relating to the economy and the management of the custom writing service undertaking, Training actions relating to profit sharing, employee profit-sharing schemes and employee shareholding schemes, 10 ° Actions to carry out a skills assessment, 11 ° Actions to enable workers to validate acquired skills Of their experience, (12) Actions to support, inform and advise creators or buyers of agricultural, craft, commercial or liberal website content writing services enterprises, whether or not they carry out an activity, (13) Actions to combat illiteracy And the learning of the French language. Also within the scope of application of provisions relating to continuing vocational training is participation in a jury examining or validating the experience acquired referred to in Article L.

3142-3-1 when this jury intervenes custom writing service for To issue professional certifications in the national register of professional qualifications under the conditions laid down in Article L. 335-6 of the Education Code. III. A respect for formalism What does not belong to the FPC Information actions (seminars, seminars, etc.) outside the scope of vocational training will not be able to fulfill this training obligation every 6 years.