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Today, the concept of training tends to be associated with the idea of ​​vocational training, ie studies, knowledge and skills acquired for the purpose of integration, reintegration and retraining at work. This period of education is very common in the case of internships, for example. Essay paper the objective of vocational training is to increase and appropriate the knowledge and skills of workers throughout their lives. In general, there are three types of vocational training, namely.Specific vocational training (for students who decide to enter the world of work), occupational paper writing services training (education for unemployed persons and jobseekers, aimed at their insertion or reintegration into the world of work ) And continuing vocational training (it concerns adults who are already working but who wish to value their experience and develop their know-how, which contributes to writing service increasing employability).

What is continuing education? Continuing education is the training offered to salaried professionals and job seekers. Celsa offers training & Speci fi c continuing education, they are graduates. The training groups are therefore made up solely of trainees who have writing service de - A professional experience (of at least 3 years). Celsa also offers short courses, inter-company seminars, professional modules and tailor-made seminars.

What is the difference between continuing education and initial training? What is the resumption of studies? Initial training is science homework help offered to students while continuing education is for professionals. Celsa also proposes to professionals to resume higher education in the initial training cycle under certain conditions, in Master 2 and Master research only, which we call the resumption of studies. Entrance exam must be academic writers online passed as students, proof of admission and oral examination. The conditions of admission are not the same as in continuing education, the training fees differ.

8 courses of professional Master 2 are offered in resumption of studies. What profiles do you recruit for continuing education? We science homework help recruit people who have. At least 3 years of professional experience at least 26 years of age; Of qualifications in terms of diploma. The groups are made up of salaried adults and jobseekers, professional experiences are of relevance in relation to the training targeted, we also integrate buy an essay people in reconversion professional.

In this case, it is necessary to have the required diploma. Can you enroll in continuing education if you have a diploma that is not recognized by the state but is certified? Level 3 or 2? Continuing education takes into account the diplomas recognized by buy an essay the State as the BTS, the DUT, the license 3 and the master. A number of certified graduates may apply for a VAP, Validation of Professional Acquisitions. The VAP facilitates access, Training, it concerns persons who have an experience in the field of the training concerned without having the diploma required to apply.