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Article L 124-1 of the Education Code CCI Paris Ile-de-France 6 avenue de la porte de Champerret Our current selection Emploi & amp, Travail 27 avenue de Friedland 75008 Paris Tel. 0820 012 112 (0.12 & euro, / min) Definition and purpose of coordination L & rsquo; The objective of coordination on violence against women and girls is to: To provide accessible, timely, algebra homework help confidential and adequate services to survivors, based on a set of guiding principles; Put in place mechanisms for the prevention of violence against women and girls. The VFF coordination dedication is to ensure that humanitarian actors working within the relevant sectoral groups / sectors achieve this objective through multi-sectoral inter-agency action. Ultimately, custom essay writing services successful co-ordination must be achieved, A more targeted, more responsible and more reactive action. The actors of humanitarian aid must always keep a The reason why they coordinate interventions against violence against women and girls, and who are the beneficiaries of such interventions. Coordination processes should not only serve the engaged stakeholders in breeding and write essay for me response interventions, but also generate positive outcomes for the affected populations. Ward, J. 2010. A Guide to Coordinating Gender-Based Violence Interventions in Humanitarian Crises. Area of ​​Responsibility VBG (commonly referred to as the VBG Coordination Guide). The Co - ordination Guide is a quick reference tool that provides practical guidance on leadership buy research papers roles, key accountabilities and specific actions, Implement in the setting up and maintenance of a VBG coordination mechanism in an emergency situation.

The Coordination Guide and related training tools are available at: The address ICC, 2005. Guidelines for Action Against Gender Based Violence in Humanitarian Crises. Focus on Prevention and Response write my research paper Sexual violence in emergency situations (commonly referred to as the VBG Guidelines of the International Criminal Court). The Interagency Standing Committee (IASC) Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) VBG Guidelines emphasize the multi-sectoral approach and include important guidance on: VBG coordination in situations of humanitarian crisis. The IPC VBG Guidelines and article writing service Training Tools The implementation of these guidelines is available. The address CPI, 2006.Guidance Note on the Implementation of the Accountability Approach (Cluster approach & raquo;) to strengthen humanitarian action. This document is the reference document for the implementation of the accountability approach. Sector, which is the division of labor agreed upon by humanitarian actors.