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Regular communication between the tutor and the training center makes it possible to monitor as closely as possible the progress of the students and to ensure that at the end of their contract they possess all the skills required to meet the requirements of their profession. How? Write & raquo; A production written on business plan writing services examination (Mr Med Sbaii) Comment & laquo; Write & raquo; A production written for consideration? (Intended for 1st Baccalaureate pupils) We have already spoken of the method to be followed for & Activate & raquo; His memory and to seek ideas and arguments in order to enrich his text. Just write the keyword (the theme) college essay writing to process and write down all the words that come to mind, without losing sight of the examples to be drawn from the 3 works on the program. We will speak in this article of & The editorial & raquo; (The second phase) which poses enormous problems for candidates. What is asked of the student on the day of the examination? College essay writing the frame of reference is clear and clear: the candidate must write a text & Argumentative & raquo; In relation to the program, express a point of view and support it with arguments. A PE must contain: an introduction, a development and a conclusion, that is to say 3 parts well separated from the typographical point of cheap essays view. It is necessary to start on the draft by the essential, that is to say by the development and leave the introduction and the conclusion at the end. I can follow two planes in my text: the analytical plane or the binary plane (also called dialectic). In the first, I develop a single thesis, but in the second I speak cheap essay writing of the thesis and the antithesis, of the people who are for and of those who are against it. For simplicity, I will give an example (but not a model) for the foreground. 1-What is an Introduction In general, it is a definition of the theme, an introduction to the subject, a general presentation in which I will show the dissertation thesis interest of the subject. Then, it would be better to ask a small question to which I will respond in my development.Example: (assume that the instructions ask me to show the positive sides of the dialogue): No one can ignore the importance of dialogue in the lives of men. Even the big countries use dialogue and writing papers negotiation to find solutions to their conflicts. Nowadays, everyone talks about dialogue.

This is a topical issue that affects all humanity. What are the benefits of dialogue? 2-Development (I have to justify my idea by at least 3 arguments and which are coherent, ie well chained). Example: The benefits of dialogue are cheap essay writing many. In the first place, it avoids violence and solves problems peacefully. It teaches us to always be relative and ready to listen to other points of view. Then, in dialogue with the Other, we enrich our knowledge and we open on different civilizations. Thus, dialogue promotes tolerance and understanding among peoples cheap essays and avoids violence and wars. It brings together opinions, ideas and even religions. Finally, the absence of dialogue paves the way for stubbornness and devastating egoism. One example of this is Antigone, who refuses to listen to her sister and merely treats her as a coward. She also refuses to dialogue with the King finance homework help Creon who does everything to save her. The result is the death of three characters at the end of the play and the destruction of the whole Kingdom of Thebes thereafter. 3-Conclusion (I have to recapitulate, loop my text without adding a new idea or argument). Example: In conclusion, it can be said that dialogue is indispensable in all societies.