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(1) Cases of breach of contract In the first two months of a probationary period, upon graduation, in the event of express termination by both parties, by judgment of the Council of Prudents (repeated breaches One of the two parties to its obligations or gross negligence) the assignment helper apprentice's inability to perform the job. 2) Remuneration Corresponding to a percentage of the Smic. It varies according to the age of the apprentice and the year of the training cycle. Less than 18 years old. 1st year = 25% of the Smic 2nd year = 37% of the Smic 1st year = 41% of the dissertation help uk Smic 2nd year = 47% of the Smic From 21 years: 2nd year = 61% of the Smic B Of early childhood CAP training. The professionalization contract concerns young people aged 16 to 25, jobseekers over 26 and RSA beneficiaries. It can be both fixed-term and indefinite.

It is more flexible than professional writing services the apprenticeship contract in terms of duration, it represents a constraint for companies because it requires a branch agreement to obtain funding for training by an approved joint collector. (1) Cases of breach of contract During the trial period, by mutual agreement, due to serious statistics assignment help misconduct, due to a permanent contract (if a fixed-term contract), resignation or Dismissal (CDI). 2) Remuneration It depends on the age and the level of training before the beginning of the contract. Less than 21 years of age: at least 55% of the Smic if less than the Bac at least 65% professional writing services of the Smic if Bac or + at least 70% of the Smic if level below the Bac at least 80% of the Smic if Bac or + The rights and duties of alternation The training organization shall not charge a search fee for a company or for registration fees. In case of failure of the examination, assignment helper repetition is allowed, in apprenticeship, the initial contract is extended or a new contract is signed, in professionalisation, the contract is renewed. It is possible to accumulate successive contracts in apprenticeship if you follow a new training after obtaining the CAP Early chemistry homework help childhood. In contract of professionalisation, on the other hand, it is forbidden to follow two contracts in succession.

You benefit from the same benefits or other benefits as other employees from the age of 18. The minors are subject to special provisions. The hosting structure does research papers for sale not have the obligation to hire you after your contract, but your chances of being integrated into fixed-term or fixed-term contracts are increased. D / Free training If you do not want to or can not do your training CAP early childhood alternately. It is possible, depending on your assignment help uk situation, to take charge of this training. Private employee. Taken over by the Fongecif in the context of individual training leave.

Employee of the public. Leave for vocational training taken care of by the administration. Jobseeker. Pôle Emploi or certain general councils through the departmental insertion program.