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Aid is also possible for the beneficiaries of the RSA but without reaching the total free. THE TEST PERIOD IS OFTEN A SYNONYM OF STRESS AND PRECARITY THE TEST PERIOD IS OFTEN A SYNONYM OF STRESS AND PRECARITY FOR NEW EMPLOYEES. SYNTEC RECRUITMENT COUNCIL RECOMMENDS THAT THINKING RATHER AS A POSITIVE INTEGRATION dissertation thesis PROGRAM FOR BOTH PARTIES.As a recognized flexibility tool in the world of work, the probationary period is a test phase which is supposed to leave the employer and the employee time to measure the suitability of the position and to break, without separation , the contract. In France, the law sets the maximum do my homework for me duration of the trial period of a permanent contract at four months for a manager, renewable once. Not mandatory, however, this period has become almost systematic. Among the benefits of the trial period. The financial aspect is too often emphasized, as the trial period is seen as a lower-cost area to potentially ghostwriters separate from an employee.

But by sending such a message to the employee, do you really want to get involved? It's a bit like choosing engagement at the wedding. It is necessary to keep in mind that for the framework, this period is experienced as precarious. And that in itself, the notion of precariousness is a i don t want to do my homework factor of anxiety. He will be unable to give the best of himself if he is not put in a situation of comfort. The stake is too important - financial and legal for the employer, of life for the executive - to allow themselves not to properly fit this engagement. However, according to an ANDRH survey published in i don t want to do my homework 2010, the finding is that one out of every four managerial recruitments falls short of expectations or results in a failure . According to this study, when the factors of failure are related to the newcomer, it is because most of the time "his relational and his way of interacting with his environment have been write my research paper lacking".

And, when this failure is primarily due to the company, it is by "lack of availability of the hierarchy". A business is an organic whole: when an employee joins a business, it is a transplant. Now, without assistance, the transplant has trouble taking. And potential failures can not be attributed to the type my essay employee alone if there has not been a real follow-up of this transitional process. We believe that it is first and foremost the company's responsibility to ensure that this period is a success. It is up to her to set up a real integration program with a warm welcome and a timetable with regular and qualified buy essays online points of contact, involving at least two people: an operational manager and a HR manager. Once this timetable and these objectives are established, the success of the integration is conditioned by the quality of exchanges and points to adjust each other's expectations.

The trial period is a moment of discovery dissertation thesis that must be experienced positively, with a consistent and formal accompaniment in order to build the future relationship on a sound basis. What is clearly stated is a long-term commitment and creates a climate of confidence. Indispensable for a successful new collaboration. It is better to talk about a period of blog writing services integration. To this extent, the very term "trial period" seems inappropriate, especially since this terminology encourages mistrust between the employer and the employee considering hiring By the angle of risk, rather than by the opportunities generated. It would therefore be preferable to speak of a period of integration.