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Consequences of the problem Part 3. Solutions to the problem Conclusion Introduction Part 1. Positive aspects Part 2. Negative aspects Part 3. Conclusion Conclusion Your draft. - ESSENTIAL but do not waste too much time on it, save yourself time for writing - Your plan must fit on one page - Write down the writing papers main ideas with keywords - Here are some examples of draft. For B2: For the production test you will have 1h to write either an argumentative essay or a formal letter of about 250 words. From a subject, you will have to give your opinions and present them in a way organized according to a personal plan. An essay writting argumentative essay is an exercise that evaluates how you organize your thinking. You need to be logical, coherent and organized. For this event, it is necessary to make a draft with your plan, then write. We will see how to get there. The conclusion 3 parts: - A sentence to enter the subject - Illustration article writers of the topic of the subject - Announcement of your plan - Summary of the essential - Extension of the subject (with a question for example) Aid to the Essay The essay is based on the student's reflection and the literary knowledge acquired throughout the year. What does the candidate need to demonstrate? - writing college essays He must be able to write a literary narrative - He must use his knowledge to demonstrate what he knows - EXPLAIN. Identify, classify, analyze Compare, comment, illustrate, analyze - DISCUSS. Find arguments for and / or against, classify, analyze Justify, argue, demonstrate Examples of subjects. Compare the physics homework help approaches of Paris that Modiano and Baudelaire make, and point out the resemblances and differences that you find between the two.

= COMPARE, EXPLAIN, ILLUSTRATE Analyze the relationship between the author and Paris. Show how Baudelaire and Modiano are explorers of the most diverse landscapes and beings in write an essay for me the city. = ANALYZE, ILLUSTRATE, EXPLAIN In the "Paintings Parisiens" of Baudelaire, what are the favorite themes of the poet? Baudelaire writes that "poetry has no other purpose than itself, and can have no other purpose." Does reading the Flowers of Evil justify this statement? How to consider the subject? write essay for me You have to identify the keywords, understand them and transform them. Then, identify the elements and arguments, classify them and analyze them. Example. Characters from Baudelaire and Modiano refer to the physiognomy of Paris. Keywords. the physionomy. (Paris) Introduction (60 words) 1 st part (1 st axis finance assignment help of development) (100 words) 2 nd part (2 nd axes of development) (100 words) Conclusion (40 words) A part = a main idea, a secondary idea 1- citation- analysis, a secondary idea 2- citation- analysis. - The search for ideas 2) Literary knowledge 3) Opposition list, eg. The approaches of Paris Realism / article writers Idealism, Beau / Laid ... 4) An organized work, classification of ideas (plan on a sheet, classify, put titles, colors ...) Different types of plan: COMPARE. 1st element - comparison 2 nd element - comparison 3 nd element - comparison 1 nd resemblances / 2 nd Differences ANALYZER / ILLUSTRATE. 1 st write an essay for me Illustration and analysis 1 2 nd Illustration and analysis 2 3 rd Illustration and analysis 3 DISCUTER. 1 st Arguments For 2 nd Arguments Against 1 st Argument For or against 2 nd Argument For or against 3 rd Argument For or against There is no single response model. Several shots are valid for the same subject. Time management.